2012 All-Star Snubs

There are six players that definitely should have been All-Star reserves, along with a few honorable mentions that are open to debate. Here are the biggest snubs of the 2012 All-Star game.

Top 3 East Snubs:

1) Josh Smith – If the Hawks were to have somebody make the cut, it should have been this guy. He’s been doing everything for Atlanta this year (points, rebounds and blocks) and is the biggest All-Star snub overall.

"How are you gonna leave me hanging like that?"

2) Danny Granger – Hibbert has had a solid season, but why put a Pacer in the All-Star game if it’s not their leader Danny Granger? I’m not just saying that as a Lobos fan (Danny Granger is a UNM alum), but Granger is the center-piece in what is becoming an impressive Indiana squad.

They chose the wrong Pacer

3) Brandon Jennings -Milwaukee’s young point guard has been leading the Bucks all year, even when Bogut was on the floor. And although the Bucks aren’t a terrific team, his absence from the All-Star game is unfortunate because he should have been strongly considered as a reserve.

Jennings was close, but not close enough

East Honorable Mentions:
Rajon Rondo – I honestly don’t think Rondo should have gotten in over Deron Williams or Andre Iguodala for a guard spot, but he is the new leader of the Celtics and deserves a spot on the “what if?” list.
Ryan Anderson – Anderson has really stepped up this season for the Magic, and although his numbers aren’t fantastic, he may be considered more strongly next year if he continues to improve.

Top 3 West Snubs:

1) Rudy Gay – Gay is the biggest snub in the West and if any member of the Grizzlies should have made the All-Star lineup, it should have been him. Marc Gasol’s inclusion is questionable when one considers Rudy Gay’s great season.

The best player on Memphis didn't make the cut

2) Danilo Gallinari – Although his injury ruined any chance at making the All-Star game, Gallinari has led the Nuggets this season and without him, the team has taken a small dive. When he was healthy, the Nuggets were a formidable force and it’s a shame they won’t have Gallinari represent them in the All-Star game.

Sure he's hurt. But if he wasn't, he would be an All-Star

3) Pau Gasol – Fans and coaches chose the wrong Gasol this year. I personally wouldn’t have liked seeing three Lakers in the All-Star lineup, but Pau should have taken that center reserve spot.

"Dibs on next year's All-Star game"

Honorable mentions:

Monta Ellis – The Warriors aren’t a tremendous team but I’d rather see a young and exciting talent like Monta make the list than an older and already accomplished player like Steve Nash. Sure Nash is leading the league in assists this season, but his spot in the lineup seems to be more like a lifetime achievement award than a real testament to the kind of season he’s having (along with Dirk and Paul Pierce).
James Harden – Maybe I’m a little bit biased as an ASU fan, but James Harden is going to be an All-Star one day. He’s a lock for this year’s 6th Man award and is a huge reason for the Thunder’s success due to his ability to produce off the bench. And that beard. You can’t ignore a beard like that!

How can you not cheer for this guy??

Others: Kyle Lowry, Paul Millsap, Tyson Chandler, Lou Williams, Tyreke Evans, Greg Monroe


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