Derek Fisher Signs with OKC

The Oklahoma City Thunder gained a valuable asset in the signing of Derek Fisher today, adding the five-time NBA champion to their roster for the remainder of the season. The Thunder are currently sitting atop the West despite losing their backup point guard, Eric Maynor, to a knee injury in January that took him out for the season.

Although Derek Fisher is only averaging 5.9 ppg this year, but this is a good move by OKC in adding a backup to give Russell Westbrook more breathers. Fisher bring championship experience and can hit big shots when his team needs it most. So despite his low field goal percentage, this signing will allow Westbrook to be more explosive when he’s on the floor if he gets more rest time and Fisher should be able to kick in a few points every night off the bench.

The Thunder are heavy favorites in the Western Conference and look poised to make a championship run behind Kevin Durant, Westbrook and James Harden. Fisher brings experience and the knowledge of how to win big postseason games that is invaluable to a young and talented team like the Thunder. It should be interesting to see if this signing becomes as beneficial as it looks on paper.

Derek Fisher will bring championship experience to a young and talented Oklahoma City team


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