Kings Arena Deal Collapses

After things were looking so bright for the Kings a month and a half ago when a tentative deal was reached to build a new arena and keep the team in Sacramento, the future now looks uncertain for this struggling franchise. The deal fell apart today and the possibility that the team could be moved from Sacramento has returned.

Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson met with the Maloofs today and listened to their list of concerns, which he said they hadn’t previously brought up at all. Johnson said it seemed like they were almost looking for reasons to back out of the deal, as one of the biggest concerns they had was with environmental and pre-developmental costs. Johnson said these costs constituted less than one percent of the total cost for the new arena, joining NBA commissioner David Stern in expressing disappointment and a little disgust in the new developments.

This news is huge blow to the city of Sacramento and fans of the Kings, whose future have been in jeopardy for a few seasons now. The Kings are committed to staying in Sacramento, but without the Maloofs and their wealth, that decision may not be in their hands anymore. Anaheim seems like the most likely place for the Kings to move if a new agreement cannot be reached, but it’s a pity for supportive Sacramento fans who were so excited about a new arena just over a month ago.

Kings fans are extremely supportive of their team despite Sacramento's poor last few seasons. The collapse of an arena deal that would have kept the Kings in Sacramento is a big blow to such a great fanbase.


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