Chris Bosh Out Indefinitely

The Miami’s Heat’s disadvantage in the post got that much bigger today with the news that Chris Bosh, who suffered a lower abdominal strain in Game 1 against the Indiana Pacers yesterday, is out indefinitely. Bosh was injured on a drive to the basket as he was fouled by David West at the peak of his jump.

This puts a damper on the Heat’s title hopes and it even hurts their chances of advancing past this dangerous Pacers team. Indiana already had a big advantage in the paint with Roy Hibbert and David West, so without Bosh’s length, the only thing that will stop the Pacers’ frontcourt from dominating down low is foul trouble. LeBron James and Dwyane Wade were able to elevate their game significantly in Game 1 without Bosh to pull off the victory against an Indiana team held back by foul trouble. The question now is whether or not LeBron and D-Wade can continue to do so for an entire series and outplay a very balanced Pacers team.

With Bosh out, this is LeBron’s chance to shine and show the world that he can be a killer postseason player and a dynamic fourth quarter scorer. However, even if the Heat do advance past the Pacers (and nobody seems to be them giving enough credit of being able to contend with Miami), they will still not have great odds of winning a title. Bosh is expected to miss the rest of the series with Indiana and should the Heat find a way to advance to the next round, he’s still questionable for the Eastern Conference Finals against either the Boston Celtics or the Philadelphia 76ers. So as interesting as it will be to see LeBron and Wade step up in Bosh’s absence, this is a pretty big blow to their title hopes.

LeBron and Wade picked up the slack with Bosh out in Game 1, but can they do it for a whole series?

2 thoughts on “Chris Bosh Out Indefinitely

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