Gerald Bourguet is a sports journalist currently enrolled in the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication at ASU. He will graduate in the spring with a combined Bachelor’s and Master’s degree. Gerald has an extensive knowledge and love for the game of basketball. He has played and studied it since age four, and won a state championship in 4A high school basketball in New Mexico.

As an avid basketball fan, participant and analyst, he has written for numerous publications about the NBA and the Phoenix Suns. As a Suns fan, Gerald wishes he could go back in time to his childhood, specifically to the moment he changed his allegiance from the Chicago Bulls to the Suns so he could smack himself upside the head.

In addition to writing daily fantasy basketball articles for ReUPsports.com and managing Bourguet’s Basketblog, Gerald writes frequent analysis posts on the Phoenix Suns for the Downtown Devil Sports blog. He was published by the official Phoenix Suns blog for a story on the new point guard for the Suns, Goran Dragic, and he also built a website analyzing the new-look Suns called “Life After Steve Nash.” Bourguet’s Basketblog offers insight, analysis and opinion on NBA news, players, teams and games. Feel free to leave comments and questions in the comments section or contact me via the contact section!


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  1. I agree with all you wrote, a most compelling story that will only become more fascinating as the season rolls on. In listening to his interviews, he seems like a very likable and humble kid. For Gods sake, as far as i know he has been sleeping on his brother’s couch in the lower east side. Something any true NYorker couldn’t help but cheer for, if nothing more than to see the kid get his own hole in the wall to sleep in. A big game in Miami in a few weeks that will be most interesting to gage the real state of the NY Knicks. As someone who lived in NY and was a witness to the horror show that Isaiah Thomas and Starbury put together, I can only be happy to see Madison Square Garden on fire with the buzz Lin has brought to the city. No better place to catch a game in the country right now! Look forward to seeing this story unfold.

  2. Thank you for reading and adding some insight as a New Yorker! I agree Miami will be a good test for Lin and the Knicks. On an unrelated note, sorry you had to comment on the About page. But the comments section is now up and running on all posts so feel free to leave a reply on any of those as well!

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