HoopsHabit – 2013-14 Chicago Bulls Season Preview

The 2013-14 season depends on Derrick Rose’s return for the Chicago Bulls. Will he return better than ever or did his ACL tear change his game? With a better supporting cast than he’s ever had, it’s now or never for Rose and company. Here’s my HoopsHabit article with a season preview for Da Bulls.

HoopsHabit – What Is Erik Murphy’s Role With The Chicago Bulls?

The Chicago Bulls selected Erik Murphy from Florida with their 49th pick in the 2013 NBA Draft. Here’s my HoopsHabit article on what Murphy’s role with the team could be in his first season.

HoopsHabit – Chicago Bulls Offseason Summary

The Chicago Bulls have a former MVP returning this season, but did they do enough during the offseason to compete for a title? Here’s my HoopsHabit article on the Bulls’ offseason.

HoopsHabit – Will Jimmy Butler Make Luol Deng Expendable?

Jimmy Butler emerged as a real NBA talent last season in the playoffs for the Chicago Bulls. Here’s my HoopsHabit article on why it’s too early to start talking about trading Luol Deng.

HoopsHabit – Is Marquis Teague Ready?

Marquis Teague doesn’t get much playing time for the Chicago Bulls, but he had a tremendous Summer League and Nate Robinson isn’t around anymore. Here’s my HoopsHabit article on why Teague needs to be ready this season

HoopsHabit – Why The Chicago Bulls Should Sign Al Harrington

Free agency isn’t over just yet. Here’s my HoopsHabit article on why the Chicago Bulls, who are reportedly interested in Antawn Jamison, should be looking at acquiring Al Harrington.

HoopsHabit – What To Make Of Derrick Rose’s Comments

Derrick Rose recently said he believes he is the best player in the NBA, which stirred up strong reactions from both sides. Here’s my HoopsHabit article explaining what we should make of his comments, incorrect as they may be.