HoopsHabit – Breaking Down The New Phoenix Suns Uniforms

The Phoenix Suns finally revealed their new uniforms Thursday night. Here’s my HoopsHabit article breaking down the new uniforms and why this team needed an image change.

HoopsHabit – What Michael Beasley and Breaking Bad Have In Common (Breaking Beasley)

For what seems like the bajillionth time, Michael Beasley has been busted for marijuana. Here’s my special Breaking Bad-themed HoopsHabit article on Beasley’s legacy and how it’s similar to one of television’s best shows.

HoopsHabit – 5 Best And Worst Trades In Phoenix Suns History

The Phoenix Suns normally screw themselves over in the NBA Draft, but they’ve had a mixed history as far as trades go. Here’s my HoopsHabit article on the five best and five worst trades in their team history

HoopsHabit – Grading Phoenix Suns GM Ryan McDonough’s Offseason Moves

Phoenix Suns management has been the laughing stock of the league for the past few years, but with new GM Ryan McDonough in charge, the rebuilding process can begin anew. Here’s my HoopsHabit article grading all his offseason moves and why Suns fans can be optimistic about the future.

HoopsHabit – Can Diante Garrett Earn A Roster Spot With The Phoenix Suns?

The Phoenix Suns are fully stocked at the point guard position, so where does Diante Garrett fit in after playing well in the NBA Summer League? Here’s my HoopsHabit article on his chances of earning a roster spot.

HoopsHabit – The Top 10 Moments of Grant Hill and Jason Kidd’s Careers

Within days of Grant Hill announcing his retirement, Jason Kidd did the same. Hill and Kidd were the co-winners of the 1994-95 Rookie of the Year Award and had long careers in the NBA. Here’s my HoopsHabit article with the top 10 moments and plays from their careers, complete with video clips of two Hall of Famers in their primes!

HoopsHabit – Remembering Grant Hill’s Career

With the announcement of his retirement, here’s my HoopsHabit article remembering Grant Hill’s career and what might have been, as well as his merits for making the Hall of Fame.