Name: Gerald Bourguet


Twitter: @GeraldBourguet

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4 thoughts on “Contact

  1. Regarding the dunk contest entry, it seems odd that you consider Blake Griffin’s dunk over Perkins to be “the best so far this year,” and then you say that Dwight Howard’s Superman dunk was “throwing the ball at the basket, not really dunking it.”

    Both Howard AND Griffin “threw the ball at the basket.” That’s what made the dunk so impressive: that they were high enough to do so. Sure, Blake Griffin’s middle finger grazed the rim, but surely that’s not the difference between dunking excellence and not dunking at all.

    • As you pointed out, Griffin’s fingers grazed the rim, but that’s not what makes his dunk so great in comparison with the Superman dunk. Howard’s dunk was with no one on him in a dunk contest and he came nowhere near the rim, launching the ball forward more than downward. I’m not denying that it was impressive because it was. But Griffin’s was in a game, taking the contact of another man and still slamming it downward. There’s a big difference there. And don’t call me Shirley.

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