HoopsHabit – Ranking the Best Current NBA Player at Every Age

This is a fun one: Here’s my HoopsHabit article with the best current NBA player at every age.

HoopsHabit – Chicago Bulls: Is Nate Robinson Worth a Multi-Year Contract?

Nate Robinson was a spark in the playoffs for an injury-decimated Chicago Bulls team. Here’s my HoopsHabit article on why the Bulls should sign him to a multi-year contract

HoopsHabit – Damian Lillard vs. Kyrie Irving: Who Had The Better Rookie Season?

The last two Rookie of the Year Award winners are dynamic point guards who have bright futures in the NBA. Here’s my HoopsHabit breakdown comparing the rookie seasons of Kyrie Irving and Damian Lillard.

HoopsHabit – “5 Best And Worst Trades In Houston Rockets Team History”

For you Houston Rockets and NBA history fans out there, here’s a little trip down memory lane with my HoopsHabit article on the five best and worst trades in team history.

HoopsHabit – “Phoenix Suns: Grading Each Player’s Performance In 2013-14”

The Suns finished dead last in the Western Conference this year, so here’s my HoopsHabit piece grading each player’s performance this season. Spoiler alert: If my future children ever bring home a report card looking like this, they will be grounded immediately.

HoopsHabit – “How The Golden State Warriors Have Won Without David Lee”

Pulling a typical George Karl In The Playoffs move, the Denver Nuggets fell to the No. 6 Golden State Warriors behind Stephen Curry’s monster third quarter performances. Here’s my HoopsHabit article on how the Warriors were able to win without David Lee

HoopsHabit – “Breaking Down Aspects Of Chicago Bulls’ Stifling Defense Against Brooklyn Nets”

The gritty Chicago Bulls shocked a lot of people when they beat the Brooklyn Nets on the road in Game 7 while dealing with numerous injuries. Here’s my HoopsHabit piece on why Tom Thibodeau’s team was able to advance.

HoopsHabit – “Does Derrick Rose’s Absence Show Mental Stability Or Weakness?”

Ever since Derrick Rose was medically cleared to play, people started clamoring for his return. But it never came. Was his decision to stay sidelined during the playoffs a sign of mental stability or weakness? Here’s my HoopsHabit piece with the answer to that question.

HoopsHabit – “Is Goran Dragic The Best Value In The NBA?”

Goran Dragic has always been seen as Steve Nash’s future replacement by Phoenix Suns fans, and after a season of trying to carry a miserable team by himself, what is Dragic’s value? Here’s my HoopsHabit article on what makes The Dragon so important to Phoenix

Bourguet’s Basketblog Update

It’s been awhile since I posted anything on Bourguet’s Basketblog, so here’s an update:

I just graduated from college last month with my Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in journalism, so that’s one reason I haven’t been posting new content lately. Second, I’ve been applying for jobs and that, of course, takes up a lot of time.

I’ve also been working for ABC15 in Phoenix as part of a 5-week social media project, which has been pretty demanding and fun. But most important to the purposes of this blog, I’ve also been writing for an up-and-coming NBA site called HoopsHabit. For example, I just finished a new piece (one of the finest I’ve ever written, to be honest) on the 5 Best and Worst Draft Picks in Phoenix Suns history. I highly recommend checking out HoopsHabit and this piece in particular as a nice little history lesson about what might have been for the Suns. HoopsHabit is a great new site and if you’re looking for new content from me/Bourguet’s Basketblog, this is where you’ll most likely find it for the time being!

This isn’t the end of Bourguet’s Basketblog for those of you who have been supportive or stumbled on this blog by chance, as I’m sure I’ll come back to it in the future. But for now, look for new pieces from me on HoopsHabit and thanks for reading!

– Gerald