New Orleans May Change Name To…The Pelicans?

According to Yahoo! Sports, the New Orleans Hornets may soon become the New Orleans Pelicans. Ever since New Orleans Saints owner Tom Benson took over the team earlier this year, there have been talks about changing the Hornets name and it looks like New Orleans might have to live with the new name. The team also plans to change its colors from teal and purple to navy blue, red and gold.

This news pretty much opens the door for Michael Jordan to change the Charlotte Bobcats back into the Charlotte Hornets, a nickname that was (and still is) beloved by most Charlotte basketball fans. But come on, New Orleans. THE PELICANS? How intimidating! I can feel the pelican-inspired fear slowly creeping up my spine! It’s bad enough the Hornets are near the bottom of the West and their star player Eric Gordon has knees as strong as pelican legs, but changing to such a weak mascot? This name change wouldn’t only be laughable, it’s be downright disgraceful to the competitive nature of the league.

The Charlotte Hornets might get their name back, but at what cost?

The Charlotte Hornets might get their name back, but at what cost?

To make matters worse, the alternative nicknames being thrown around were the New Orleans Krewe and the New Orleans Brass. Seriously? An NBA team named after parade-throwers or golden instruments? I understand their relevance and significance to the particular city of New Orleans, especially since there was a lower-level hockey team called the New Orleans Brass for a few years, but is that really the best Benson and company can do for such an awesome city? All I’m going to picture if they become the New Orleans Pelicans is the friendly bird with the accent from Finding Nemo! What about taking the ABA team’s name, the New Orleans Blues, since Utah already has the Jazz name? What about taking the arena football team’s name, the New Orleans VooDoo? The New Orleans Jesters? The New Orleans Masquerade? Hell, even the New Orleans Beads would be better!

Ok, so maybe those names aren’t the best in the world, but they’re a lot better than the New Orleans Pelicans. Hopefully someone talks some sense into Benson before the name change. Because as great as it’d be for Charlotte to get the Hornets name back…at what cost?

Here's one fan-made logo. HOW ADORABLE.

Here’s one fan-made logo. HOW PRECIOUS!