Trade Impact: Richard Jefferson Traded for Stephen Jackson

Well, it looks like we’ll never get to see Mark Jackson’s coaching put to the test by Stephen Jackson. The Spurs traded Richard Jefferson and a first-round draft pick to the Warriors for the newly-acquired Jackson, making his tenure in Golden State last exactly two days.

I have my doubts about this trade for the Spurs. San Antonio is currently second in the West and didn’t really need to make a trade, let alone for a head case like Jackson. Jefferson has been a decent contributor for the Spurs and fits in with the team’s chemistry and older dynamic. Gregg Popovich won’t stand for any of Jackson’s antics, which will either keep him in line or make Jackson’s tenure in San Antonio extremely unpleasant. Jackson’s talent is unquestionable, but he is currently injured and I don’t see him fitting in with the Spurs’ brand of team basketball.

The Warriors are looking a lot better after this trade. In the past two days they’ve gotten their hands on an injured Andrew Bogut and an older Richard Jefferson, but next season might be a significant improvement from this year if Jefferson can stay healthy and Bogut can get healthy. Jackson would have been a liability for a new coach, so the addition of Jefferson is a definite bonus to a team that just gave up their leading scorer in Monta Ellis.

The Spurs dealt Richard Jefferson to the Warriors for Stephen Jackson. Great move for the Warriors